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About Me

Book lover, long-time traveler... I am passionate about foreign languages and cultures, and I am lucky to have found my dream job, which brings together all the things I love!

Learn more about me, my background and my life experiences below, and feel free to send me a message to tell me more about you!


A passion for languages !

As a child, I could not help trying to learn new languages! From asking my grandmother to teach me her mother tongue to trying to decipher English books, I did everything to learn how to say things with "other words from other places". That​ is how I knew I had found my vocation, and why I decided to study languages as soon as I got the opportunity.

Through my studies, my experiences abroad, and my hobbies, I was able to become fluent in English and Spanish, reach an intermediary level in Italian, and a beginner's level in Russian, Portuguese, and Arabic.

From an intercultural home... to an intercultural life!

I am from a small town in Northern France. I was immersed in cultural diversity from an early age, since I grew up with a Polish family and French friends and neighbors. This diversity made me curious about other cultures of the world, and I soon started to travel.

At 18, I left my hometown and moved to San Francisco where I worked, studied, and embraced a place that was completely different from what I knew until then. 

After that, I became a real-life globetrotter and lived in many different countries and places: Togo, the Amazon Rainforest, Bolivia, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, The Philippines, Russia, Italia... Each place added a little more to my vision of the world and to my fondness for cultures. 

My path around the world took me to Spain, where I now live.


I started learning languages in secondary school and while I was living in San Francisco, California, apart from improving my English every day, I studied Spanish at the City College of San Francisco.

Then, I moved back to France and studied Translation, Interpretation, and Intercultural Management at the ISIT Institute, in Paris, which gave me the opportunity to go to Bolivia, to study Linguistics at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. 

When I came back to Europe, I pursued my studies in Translation, Interpretation, and International Relations at Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, in Madrid, Spain, where I graduated. While I was studying there, I had the opportunity to be part of valuable exchange programs in Moscow, Russia, and Trento, Italy.

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